The Ultimate List of Atlanta-Inspired Halloween Costume Ideas

Halloween in Atlanta makes for some great costume inspiration.
  • The Scarlett O'Hara look is a perfect fit for Atlanta.
    The Scarlett O'Hara look is a perfect fit for Atlanta.
  • Don't forget "The Walking Dead" is filmed in Atlanta. Zombie costume, anyone?
    Don't forget "The Walking Dead" is filmed in Atlanta. Zombie costume, anyone?
  • ...or dress up like your favorite CNN anchor...
    ...or dress up like your favorite CNN anchor...
  • Your Halloween costume could reflect your favorite football team.
    Your Halloween costume could reflect your favorite football team.

Whether you're trick-or-treating with the kids, attending a monster bash or getting festive for the office, perhaps the most fun Halloween tradition is selecting and executing The Best Costume Ever. The greatest challenge is coming up with something new and inspired, so we thought we'd help you out with some ideas, many of which can be made by hand. Show your love for the ATL with these creative Atlanta- and Georgia-inspired Halloween costume ideas.


Halloween costumes for adults (a few may work for kids):

  • André Benjamin, better known by his stage name, André 3000. A costume like his would give you lots of options. You can't go wrong with one of his signature hats, but you can get super outlandish with a bit of [fake] fur.
  • Bobby Jones was the most successful amateur golfer of all time, competing on a national and international level. He helped design Augusta National Golf Club and, most notably, co-founded the Masters Tournament. To dress up in his likeness, part your hair down the middle, wear 1920s' professional attire (complete with bow tie) and carry a golf club or bag. If you can swing it, fashion yourself a Masters champion jacket.
  • Chick-fil-A cow. MOOve over chicken, there's a cow crossing the road. You can wear a white shirt with black pants or a cute white maxi dress. Purchase black and pink felt at the craft store. Cut felt into "spots" and an udder (blob) and adhere with fabric glue. Use extra pink felt to make ears, by gluing pieces onto a white headband. 
  • Giant peach. Why stop at Atlanta when you can represent the entire state of Georgia? James doesn't have a monopoly on the Giant Peach. There is a thorough "How to Make a Peach Costume" DIY on
  • Margaret Mitchell. There is a really amazing photograph of this Pulitzer Prize-winning author of "Gone With the Wind," holding said book, in 1938. In it she is full of poise and grace. To emulate her look, you can wear a period-appropriate dress and style your hair in soft finger waves. The actual book is an essential prop to this costume.

  • Love MARVEL superhero movies? Then you’re in luck. Atlanta is home to the filming of all of these mega hits. You can find popular costumes easily for characters like Spiderman. Guardians of the Galaxy will turn out some fun Halloween costumes. Check out the homemade Groot ideas on Pinterest. Captain America more your speed? Whip up a shield from some cardboard and paint to dress as America’s favorite hero.
  • Anderson Cooper, Wolf Blitzer or any of your CNN  favorites.
  •  A quick Pinterest search will yield all sorts of creepy, cool tips on how to use makeup and string to turn yourself into a full-scale puppet, in honor of the Center for Puppetry Arts.
  • Jane Fonda during the workout era, aka the '80s. You're probably going to want to hit up lululemon at the Shops Around Lenox for this costume. Get some leggings and a top. Add a skinny belt and leg warmers, and you're set.
  • King of Pops. Not to be confused with The King of Pop. This is such an easy and fun costume. Dress in whatever casual wear you want. Get an umbrella hat (Try Oriental Trading Company.) and decorate a large white box with the KoP logo. Attach fabric or elastic to the top to "wear" it around your middle. We don't recommend incorporating actual Popsicles.

Halloween costumes for couples:

  • Channel Georgia Aquarium by going as a diver and your favorite sea animal. Why not go as a jellyfish? Get a clear umbrella. You can use all kinds of materials as the stingers, such as thin strips of bubble wrap, string, ribbons or fabric.
  • "Gone With the Wind's" Scarlett O'Hara and Rhett Butler. Need we say more? 
  • Support your favorite professional sports teams, like the Atlanta Falcons, and go as players or cheerleaders. College sports more your speed? Consider dressing up as your favorite college team's mascot, like Buzz (Georgia Tech), Thunder the Bobcat (Georgia College), Pounce the Panther (Georgia State) or [as an Atlanta stretch] Bulldog (UGA).

Halloween costumes for families or groups:

  • Many commercial costumes exist for the cult favorite characters from Stranger Things: Dustin, Eleven, Will, Jim Hopper, Joyce or Barb. But a trip to the thrift store, some makeup and wigs will work just as well for the casual looks of these iconic characters.

  • Collage of the Atlanta-based Cartoon Network. There are so many fantastic DIY costume ideas on Pinterest. Try searching "Cartoon Network costumes" or "cosplay." Beemo from "Adventure Time" is a favorite. If you have a large group, two of you might consider making up the CN logo with sandwich board costumes. 

  • Everyone has a role to play in this group Delta family costume. Options include pilot, co-pilot, flight attendant(s), traffic controller and even an airplane.
  • LEGOLAND. With some cardboard, foam, poster boards and lots of yellow paint, you'll turn heads with this LEGO group costume.
  • The cast of "Rocky Horror Picture Show," which plays every Friday night at Atlanta’s beloved Plaza Theatre.  
  • Be riders in a roller coaster at Six Flags over Georgia. Not too hard to DIY. Turn a wardrobe box on its side and cut out the top and bottom. This will be the roller coaster "seat" so go to town decorating with paint and a logo. Two people can stand side-by-side in the box. This costume would look great with six people in three boxes.
  • Be social media icons. There are Facebook, Twitter and Google offices in Atlanta, so why not dress up like them for Halloween?
  • The cast of "The Hunger Games." If you have a large group, you can each represent the 12 districts. You can make a Mockingjay pin for Katniss using thin cardboard (think, cereal box), an X-Acto knife and gold spray paint. Just hot glue onto a pin back from the craft store. May the odds be ever in your favor.
  • "The Walking Dead." Go crazy with the zombies special effects. Once you've painted a zombie bite and infected veins, the rest of your outfit just needs to be tattered and preferably covered in (fake) blood.

    Beth Clark is a writer and foodie who loves to roam around Atlanta, uncovering the city's quirky, glam, upscale and down-home character. Curiosity is her compass, and you'll find her writing on www.thecitydweller.meJoleen Pete is a Southern California transplant, living and loving it in the ‘burbs outside Atlanta with her husband and their son. On the weekends, they enjoy going into the city for family fun and exploration. Joleen is family travel and lifestyle blogger behind Love, Joleen. 

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