Shop Till You, Um, Fly! The Best Places to Shop at Atlanta's Airport

If you are passing through Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport and find you have time on your hands, a little retail therapy might be the thing.
  • There's some great shopping to be done at the airport, no matter where you're coming from.
    There's some great shopping to be done at the airport, no matter where you're coming from.

Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport is the most traveled airport in the world, but there is a lot more to it than boarding or deplaning. In between, people transfer flights, wait for their flight or remember that they forget to buy gifts to bring home. Thank goodness the airport offers a lot of shopping and dining opportunities. Here are some of our favorites and where they are located throughout the airport.

What screams “I’ve been in Atlanta” more than merchandise with Atlanta, a big Peach or ATL written on it? Luckily there are plenty of places to buy such Atlanta branded merchandise. Try:

  • ATL Market (D Counterpoint)
  • (A 11)
  • ATL Today (D1, D 10, C 4, C Counterpoint)
  • Diverse (C Counterpoint, D 22)   
  • All ATL (C Counterpoint, D Counterpoint)

Waiting for your plane? That’s the perfect time to try some new makeup or get a fresh look for that special someone who will be waiting at the gate for you. Some of our favorites are:

  • Benefit Cosmetics (D 11)
  • Bvlgari (A Counterpoint)
  • Kiehl’s (F Counterpoint)
  • L’Occitane (A 26)
  • Lather (T 5)
  • MAC Cosmetics (F Counterpoint)
  • The Beauty Lounge (B Counterpoint)
  • The Body Shop (B Counterpoint)

The airport also has a fine selection of leather accessories, suitcases, clothes and shoes. In fact, why pack? Just shop at the airport! Make sure to stop in the following:

  • Bijoux Terner (C 14)
  • Brighton Collectibles (A Centerpoint, Atrium SE)
  • Brooks Brothers (Atrium SE, E 27)
  • Brookstone (C Centerpoint, D 15, F 6, T 5)
  • Bvigari (A Counterpoint)
  • Coach (F Counterpoint)
  • Ermenegildo Zegna (A Counterpoint )
  • Fire CZ (B 5, C 37)
  • Johnston & Murphy (D Centerpoint)
  • Luxe International (B 17, D 11)
  • Luxury Boutique (F Counterpoint)
  • Michael Kors (E 11, F Counterpoint)
  • Mont Blanc (F Counterpoint)
  • Mori Luggage and Gifts (C 9, D 9)
  • Spanx (E 27)
  • Salvatore Ferragamo (A Counterpoint)
  • Sean John (B 28)
  • Shades of Time (E 28)
  • Sunglass Icon (E 8, F Centerpoint)
  • Sunglass Kiosk (B Centerpoint)
  • Swarovski (D Counterpoint, E Counterpoint)
  • Taxco Sterling (B 16, D 10)
  • Tumi (E 11)
  • Talie (T 5)
  • Tommy Hilfiger (F Centerpoint)

Of course, to many, being on a plane gives them much-needed alone time to catch up on reading, movies and music, and the airport offers a wide variety of options for everyone’s tastes. Try out the following:

  • Amazon Kindle ZoomShop (A 17, D Counterpoint, E 27)
  • Atlanta Daily World (B 5, C 17, D 29)
  • Atlanta News & Gifts (B 31, T 14, T 4)
  • Best Buy Express (A Counterpoint, C 39, D 11A, E 15, E 33, E 4)
  • Bluwire (D Counterpoint)
  • Buckhead Bookstore (B Counterpoint)
  • CNBC Express (E 29)
  • CNBC News (E Counterpoint)
  • CNBC News Atlanta (A 2, A Counterpoint)
  • CNN International News (F 5, F Arrivals)
  • (E 7)
  • Global News (E 8)
  • InMotion Entertainment (A 11, A 25, A Counterpoint, Atrium NW, Atrium SE, B 27, B Counterpoint, C 12, C Counterpoint, D 27, E Counterpoint, F 6, T Counterpoint)
  • Midtown Magazine (C 45, D 6)
  • New York Times News (E Counterpoint)
  • News Beat ATL (A 11)
  • Simply Books (B 29, F 9, F Counterpoint)
  • New York Times Books & News (Atrium SE)

Staying longer than a layover? Atlanta has plenty of options for getting around the city... plus, plenty of places to exercise your inner shopaholic.

Mary Welch writes business and lifestyle stories for national and local publications.

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