Civil Rights Timeline

The city of Atlanta boasts a rich and interesting timeline of the African American civil rights movement. Dating back to the days of Terminus, Atlanta has always been a center for change and prosperity. In the face of adversity, our radical city has been home to two centuries worth of remarkable leaders. From rarely-mentioned catalysts such as Mary Coombs to the globally recognized efforts of Dr. Martin Luther King and his renowned activists, you too can experience the Atlanta timeline of African American civil rights movement first-hand.

Begin your journey with the later years of Reconstruction which introduced the African-American voice to the New South with the abolition of slavery and Booker T. Washington's famous "Atlanta Compromise" speech.

Discover the history of the early twentieth century,when African-American citizens began working together for a progressive future, establishing multi-million dollar companies, daily observational newspapers, and institutions of higher learning.

Research the mid-twentieth century in which communities saw sweeping success in equality, due in great part to the Civil Rights movement and its illustrious leaders.

Explore present day, where the same hard work and fearless leadership that made Atlanta the cultural catalyst for the Civil Rights movement has made it one of the nation's iconic cities for progress and equality.

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